Alton brown weight loss

Alton Brown Weight Loss Plan and Its Explanation

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Alton brown weight loss

Alton brown weight loss is one of most popular diet program that you can find today. This weight loss program was created by Alton Brown, who has experienced as a good expert. Actually, this isn’t the diet program like we can find today.

But, this is the own method that Brown used to lose and maintain his weight. When he revealed it in one of the episodes of Good Eats and Dr Oz Show, many people interested to try it. So, if you also want to try this diet, here are few important things you need to know.

The Plan

The first step to do Alton brown weight loss is building the plan. The most important thing in creating plan here is choosing food with high nutrition. Alton Brown’s diet plan is different than another diet plan, where you can’t eat this and that.

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Brown focuses on choosing most nutritious food in his diet plan. In this program, you can eat many different foods on several occasions. Here is the example of diet plan in Alton brown weight loss program.


Leafy greens, whole grain, carrots, green tea, nuts, fruits.

3 times a week

Yogurt, sweet potato, cauliflower, broccoli, avocado, oily fish, tofu

Once a week

Red meat, white starch, desserts, alcohol


Soda, processed meals, canned soup, fast food

The Explanation

Like mentioned above, each of menus is basically easy to understand. So, here are explanations about each plan.

  • Daily – it means that you must consume the foods in this category every day or it has to be in your daily meal menu. You don’t need to eat all of them. Just choose one or two.
  • 3 times a week – like its name, you can only eat the food in this category 3 times a week.
  • Once a week – like its name, you can only eat it once a week. The good thing about this group is these foods are mostly avoided in most of the diet plan. But, Alton brown weight loss doesn’t do that. He keeps this food in your diet menu, which is fortunate because most of the foods in this category are delicious foods.
  • Never – it’s self-explained. You should never touch and eat all foods in this category. All of them only give you more disadvantages for your body. So, you need to avoid it and stop eating it.

The good thing about Alton brown weight loss is you can create your own plan. However, in order to have no problem, make sure you consult with your doctor. That way, you will know your body condition and what kind of food that you can and can’t eat.

For example, if you have hypertension or diabetes, maybe you can’t put food that can worsen your condition in your daily list. This method isn’t only good way to lose your weight. But also, it can help you to train your body metabolism to work much better. That way your body can lose your weight naturally. And as a bonus, you will be much healthier.

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