Amber Portwood Weight Loss Diet Plan and Tips

Amber Portwood Weight Loss Diet Plan and Tips

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Amber Portwood weight loss has been the talk of the town lately. She may not be a household name, but reality show fans can definitely recognize one of these Teen Mom OG starts – or can’t they?

The start initially appeared on the silver screen as an unapologetically honest teen who struggles with a lot of things in her life, including her weight. But with the pounds coming off of her, her fans may have to take a double check to make sure it is the same star they all know and love.

Miss Portwood quickly became fans’ favorite for her complex personality and incredibly honest characteristics. This honesty can be seen throughout the episodes where she discussed her struggles.

In one episode, miss Portwood mentioned about the fact that she had been diagnosed with bipolar personality disorder in the past. To treat her psychological condition and reduce mood swings, miss Portwood is given medications that should be taken on a regular basis.

As are other similar medications, miss Portwood too had to trade in her youthful look for her own sanity. The medications given to them, as expected, successfully make her feel better – but at the same time, it also contributed to her weight gain.

She began to pile on the pounds and the next thing she knew, she looked extremely bloated. It did not help that Portwood also turned to sweet treats and junk food for comfort every time she felt incredibly stressed out.

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Laser focus and willingness is key

Her weight gain seemed to be out of control after the birth of her first child. Being honest as she is, she admitted feeling bad for being overweight in numerous interviews.

While problems seemed to never stop brewing in her life, and despite her loss in custody battle, she decided to take one matter she knew she could have under control if she put her mind to it.

Since then Portwood tried her best in losing weight. She tried virtually anything under the sun, but ultimately, after lots of trial-and-error, she finally found what worked for her body. And soon, the world witnessed her transformation as she kept shedding her weight.

How did she manage to pull off this miraculous stunt?

Portwood says there is no easy way when it comes to losing weight. She then adds that if she did not change what she ate, she would never be able to be where she is right now.

The first thing that she decided to give up was junk food, this high caloric, and high-fat food does not only lack nutrition but also brings numerous of health risks over the years.

Instead, she now opts for whole foods and relies on fruits and nuts as snacks. Once she felt she finally got this factor under control, she started adopting a new habit: exercise. Her option fell MMA, not only does it act as a stress reliever, the rigorous training help her burn more weight.

Portwood also takes garcinia Cambodia as a supplement and, that’s it. There is no shortcut, no magic pills. With this Amber Portwood weight loss tips, you can lose just as much weight!