Best Weight Loss Shakes for Women

Best Weight Loss Shakes for Women

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Best Weight Loss Shakes for Women – Just like men, women also need to use weight loss shakes in their diet routine. There are generally two types of shake available: mail replacement shake and a protein shake.

Here you will read about how women’s shakes differently from men’s and how to choose the best weight loss shakes for women.

Is Women’s Shakes Different from Men’s?

Women and men can actually share the same meal replacement and protein shakes; however, to achieve the best diet result, it is recommended that you pick shakes that are made just for women.

How do women’s shakes differ from men’s? There are three factors that cause such difference.

1. Calorie Need

Women require fewer calories than required by men because women’s posture is generally smaller than men’s.

2. Protein Need

Women are generally less muscular than men. Because protein is mainly used to build muscle and to maintain its leanness and health, women require less protein in their shakes than required by men.

3. Nutrients Need

Some weight loss shakes that are made specifically for women include additional nutrients that are considered beneficial for women, including growth-enhancing nutrients like Vitamin B6 and Folic acids. Those nutrients are relatively nonexistent in men’s shakes.

Apart from those specific characteristics, it is safe to say that women can use any shakes that men use. There is no harm from doing that, though choosing the best weight loss shakes for women is considered a better idea.

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Choosing the Best Shakes for Women

By looking at the three factors above, you should already know the characteristics of the best weight loss shakes that women should use in their diet program. In brief, the shakes should contain sufficient calories and protein and they should be fortified with nutrients that are beneficial especially for women.

If we want to be more practical, there are two ways to prepare your shakes. First, you can make your shakes at home and second, you can buy it from groceries or online stores.

If you are a kitchen lover, the first option is more preferable and preparing your own shakes every day can actually become a healthy habit. To prepare your weight loss shakes at home, be sure to know what ingredients to include in your shakes.

Fruits and vegetables are indispensable due to their rich nutrient content. If you want to focus on protein, include rich sources of protein like whey protein powder, pea, tofu, and egg white in your shakes. Don’t forget to include cereals unless you are doing a low-carb diet.

Generally speaking, your shakes must contain a sufficient amount of calories (at least 200), carb, protein, healthy fat, vitamins, and minerals in order to make them functional as a meal replacement.

Your hunt for weight loss shakes is much easier, but also more expensive if you decide to buy them. Weight loss shakes are available in almost every grocery store and online store.

To choose the best weight loss shakes for women, you may need to consult a professional, to choose products that conform to your diet program, and to choose products that mix well with water.