Compression garments for weight loss

Compression Garments for Weight Loss: Pros and Cons

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Compression garments for weight loss

Does compression garments for weight loss really work?

We have heard of this claim numerous times before, but the truth of whether or not it really helps lose weight is pretty dubious.

Here we are going to discuss all you need to know about compression garments and whether it gives real results as claimed.

How do they work?

As its name implies, a compression garment simply is a piece of clothing designed almost identically to vintage whalebone corsets in the late 19th century.

Back then, this whalebone garment was initially designed to train the torso forcing it into the desired curvaceous shape.

When it comes to design and purpose, a compression garment is not that much different from its whalebone counterpart.

Yes, today’s compression garment is still used to shape our body into a thinner, aesthetically curvaceous shape giving us the illusion of having lost a considerable amount of weight.

However, some brands claim that their compression garments do not only restrain the excess fat and giving a false slimmer silhouette, but also help with real weight loss.

By exerting so much pressure on your body to give it the illusion of completely different form. A compression garment that is typically made of spandex and lycra squeezes its surrounding body.

Brands boasting weight loss acceleration usually claiming that the garment promotes fat-burning. As result, the wearer will perspire more. While the weight loss part is true, there is something else they don’t tell you.

The area where you put the compression garments for weight loss on will perspire more. But that doesn’t mean it’s the process of fat burning.

Sweating is a common bodily respond when wrapped tightly with a piece of garment. But the weight loss that follows does not originate from fat – but rather, from the water weight you have lost.

The moment you rehydrate, you’ll more than likely gain the weight back.

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The advantages and disadvantages

Other than temporarily changing your appearance, there seem to be no real advantages you can get from wearing them. Not only do compression garments not give you real advantages as claimed. They also do not give you the sustainable real weight loss.

However, if what you are looking for is a quick fix to get yourself fit into that favorite dress you purchase a few years ago, it can definitely work.

However, it is worth noting that compression garments can benefit athletes and patients. Athletes typically use this type of garment as support, and other times, to help them crank up the intensity of their training.

And while a majority of doctors have spoken out against the use of compression garments, patients after surgery are quite contrary advised to wear a medical-grade compression garment for pain management and to minimize swelling.

What if you are neither a surgical patient or an athlete, but you somehow wish to wear this piece of clothing to enhance your appearance on a regular basis?

Regardless of your decision, you must first and foremost be aware of the following risks:

  • Increased blood pressure and pulse
  • Pinched spinal nerves
  • Circulation problems
  • Bad posture
  • Fainting
  • Bladder infections
  • Heartburn or reflux
  • Muscle pain
  • Vaginal yeast infections

Use compression garments for weight loss with cautions.