Extreme Weight Loss Before and After

Extreme Weight Loss Before and After to Inspire You!

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Extreme weight loss before and after

Looking at extreme weight loss before and after pictures can definitely motivate you to stop putting off your weight loss attempt. Weight loss is, as we all know, anything but easy. But a majority of us are guilty of always putting it on hold. We always find a justification to reach for second helpings, and we always end up muttering “I will start dieting tomorrow” every time it happens.

Dieting to lose weight is undoubtedly difficult, and the process of maintaining the motivation throughout our weight loss journey is just equally difficult. Now that you know how important motivation is, the question remains: where do I get my motivation when it we finally hit a plateau and seem to have failed our weight loss?

Before you translate a drop in motivation as a definitive sign of failure, realize that even something that is as elusive as a motivation can still run off its course. Don’t feel bad about it, instead, read these success stories of extreme weight loss before and after to help you boost your motivation!

Justin Willoughby who lost 564-pounds

Willoughby had always been addicted to food. Since when he was younger, he loved the taste of food and would eat all of his favourite foods in abundance, and when he did not eat, he could not stop thinking about food.

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Soon enough he became morbidly obese and found himself lying on the hospital bed, being told by a doctor that he needed to lose weight before it was too late. He was just a 16-year old boy at the time, and while he was extremely overwhelmed by the news, he decided to turn his life around one day at a time.

He started by moving around more and eventually graduate to walking for a few minutes. Once he felt he was ready, he followed his weight loss attempt by going to a local hospital’s rehabilitation program. A combination of healthy food choices and both cardiovascular and weight training program helped him lose more than 500-pounds in a few years.

Shalonda Tyrus who lost 148-pounds

The mother four had always been overweight in the past. Tyrus noted that her life-long sedentary lifestyle and poor food choices were two of the worst offenders. This is not to say that she has never attempted to lose weight, however. She has done almost everything under the sun and it only worked in the beginning, the moment she lacked the motivation, she would gain back the weight she had lost and then some.

Her turning point was the moment one of her daughters came up to tell her she wanted to lose weight. Despite being able to give her pointers on what she should do, Tyrus herself could not walk the talk due to her lack of discipline. She knew she had to change.

That is when she decided to join a boot camp with her daughters, went to a doctor and nutritionist as well as made significant dietary changes. She started cooking instead of eating out and followed the menu given to her by her nutritionist closely. As a result, she is now weighing at just 177-pounds.

Definitely one of the most extreme weight loss before and after inspirations.


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