swim workouts for weight loss

Swim Workouts for Weight Loss Programs

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Swim workouts for weight loss

If you’re looking for a fun exercise to help you lose weight, our swim workouts for weight loss will definitely reach your goal weight.

Are you tired of having to constantly starve yourself and trying out one diet pill after another?

Maybe it is about time you stop thinking of an easy way out and really put all you have to give to lose that excess weight for good. A good start is to eliminate high caloric food with no nutritional value and start adopting a healthier lifestyle by exercising more.

But what type of exercise should you do when you’re overweight and even the thought of exercising on a regular basis already makes you exhausted?

And being overweight, you aren’t sure if you can sprint or run. With your condition right now, you will be lucky if you can brisk walk for miles every day.

While exercise is good for you, you must really pay attention to what type of exercise you must do. Low impact exercises should be your priority as they are not hard on your joints.

Otherwise, you risk injuring yourself and you may end up with serious problems. The best minimal impact exercise alternative is, without a doubt, swimming.

If you can swim, you’re in for a ride!

How effective is swimming for weight loss?

Wondering whether or not swimming burns a lot of calories?

You will be pleasantly surprised that swimming is the best type of workout to promote lose weight. As a comparison, walking at a moderate pace for an hour typically burns about 302-calories, whereas swimming at a light pace for an hour typically burns a whopping 690-calories.

The more vigorous workout, tennis, only burns about 690-calories per hour whereas vigorous-paced swimming typically burns 863-calories.

If you’re interested, the one thing that you must always keep in mind is to always be consistent with your workout.

This can be done by tracking your pace and lap times. Last but not least, use the following swim workouts for weight loss to reach your goal weight.

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Swimming your way to weight loss

We have devised a personalized plan that is suitable for you, regardless of your fitness level. With these well-designed swimming programs, you will be able to lose a few pounds per week.

And that, too, without even have to starve yourself using extreme diet plans! Do 45-minutes per session, five times a week.

  • Beginner program
    For a beginner, doing an easy backstroke is advised. Other than backstroke, you may do freestyle, breaststroke, or sidestroke. Just remember to be consistent throughout the session. Begin by threading the water for about three minutes and then stretching the body outside the pool. Beginners then may start swimming 50-meters for 10 lengths with only 45-second rest after each of the laps they have finished.
  • Intermediate program
    For those who are not considered a novice, warm up by swimming for 200-meters and then followed with a brief stretch out session outside the pool. When you’re ready, swim for 100-meters before you quickly hop out of the swimming pool then do 20-crunches and 10-pushups. Only take a rest for 30-seconds before you repeat. Do this swim workout for weight loss for 10 sets.