Weight Loss Meal Plans for Men

Weight Loss Meal Plans for Men that Will Work for You

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Weight Loss Meal Plans for Men – Weight loss is everyone’s matter regardless of their gender, but the type of weight loss program that you follow should be adjusted according to your gender.

This is why if you are a man, you should know how to choose the best weight loss meal plans for men.

Weight Loss Meal Plans for Men

Is Men’s Diet Different from Women’s?

The general diet rule for men and women is the same: they need to limit their calorie intake and to make use of the stored calories effectively.

When you go deeper into men’s and women’s diet program, you will see some differences in them.

Here are two factors that make men’s diet different from that of women.

1. Physical features

Men are generally taller and more muscular than women. Therefore, men require more calories and protein per meal than those for women.

2. Health

The types of disease men and women are prone to are different. Women are prone to osteoporosis and iron deficiency because of menstruation, their thinner bones, and estrogen drop, especially after menopause.

For this reason, women require more iron and calcium in their meal.

Men, on the other hand, require more fiber because most men tend to suffer rectal cancer when they grow old.

Men are also more prone to cardiovascular diseases because excess fat goes to the middle part of their body.

On women, a portion of excess fat goes to their middle, but the other portion goes below the belt. Men should avoid anything that hurts their heart harder than women do.

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Choosing the Best Meal Plans for Men

Now you should already know that it is best for men not to use women’s diet plans and vice versa. Men should only use the best weight loss meal plans for men that work.

And here I show you some great meal plans that will work in reducing your body weight.

1. 1,800 Calories per Day

The main focus of a diet program should be the management of calorie intake. Generally speaking, consuming 1,800 calories consisting of three full meals and three full snacks per day accompanied with proper exercises is enough to allow men to lose about 1 to 2 pounds every week.

2. Protein-rich Diet

Losing fat alone is not enough to maintain proper body weight. Protein intake is an important part of men’s diet program because it helps them keep their lean muscle.

Reliable sources of protein include grilled chicken breast, lean ground beef, low-fat cottage cheese, low-fat yogurt, and low-fat milk.

3. Fiber-rich Diet

Men need fiber a lot to ensure that everything that they eat is properly digested and to suppress their appetite. Vegetables and fruits, such as avocado, berries, and pears, are rich in fiber, so make sure that they are part of your meal or snack.

There are different ways to include those plans to your meal depending on the type of diet program that you follow, such as low-carb and low-fat.

Therefore, check your diet program and incorporate those plans according to make sure that you will have the best weight loss meal plans for men.